The War on Men

September 1, 2018 Matt Poole 1

Do Men’s Rights Activists Really Hate Women? By using the label “ANTI-FEMINISM” for their social media groups and pages it sure sounds like it – but if you dig deeper into the conversations most like me are fighting for equal …. [Read More]

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Source: Facebook | Tanya Plibersek, ferocious columnist Van Badham and CEO of WHIN - Women's Health in the North.

Gender Pay Gap – Fact & Fiction

March 21, 2018 Matt Poole 0

Yes, there statistically is a gender pay gap – but is it organic and free range with no hormones added? Deputy Opposition Leader Tanya Plibersek presented her address to the National Press Club in sponsorship of this year’s International Women’s …. [Read More]

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