PAULINE HANSON BUSTED! Selling Wrong Information… Again.

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Much like the late Mark “Chopper” Read, Pauline Hanson never lets facts get in the way of a good story, especially vote puffing propaganda.

Do you remember Pauline Hanson claiming refugees in Rockhampton schools were abusing teachers while others were stealing local jobs in the meatworks?

Ms Hanson claimed in an interview on Channel 7’s breakfast show ‘Sunrise’ that there were “over 100 refugee students in North Rockhampton High School and Glenmore High School”, despite North Rockhampton High holding only 13 refugee enrolments and Glenmore High holding zero.
Having been proved wrong shortly after, Ms Hanson refused to apologize for the erroneous claim.

Source: Facebook

Well she’s at it again in a warm and cosy video to her Facebook followers last Thursday although very late to the show, jumping on the bandwagon of claims that QLD nurses face the sack if they don’t declare their white privilege before treating indigenous patients.

Turns out once again her claims are NOT TRUE nor ACCURATE.

While not directly referencing the codes, in the presentation Ms Hanson voices her disgust and alleges the Nursing Profession imposes on nurses and midwives to declare their white privilege before treating or attending to indigenous patients – despite the previous refutation of accuracy from the QNMU who was one of many stakeholders consulted in the review of the code of practice and the same union Mr Haycroft is competing for memberships with.
[read about Mr Haycroft below]

“the nursing profession,  from this month,  have stated,  you must declare your white privilege,  if you are going to work on an indigenous person.”

Ms Hanson closes her presentation with “So to all you people out there, read up on it, understand what this means […]”.

Good advice Pauline, you should try it.

Source: Facebook/Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain

Where did the claim come from?

Graeme Haycroft is a former Labour Hire Business owner who now purports to fight for nurse and midwife work rights through breakaway nursing union the Nurses Professional Association of Australia (NPAA services) of which he is a cofounder.

Last Month Mr Haycroft embarked on a media campaign spruiking his concerns about the recently reviewed Codes of Conduct for Nurses and Midwives with radio interviews, online forum posts and an opinion piece published in the Courier Mail.

Other media celebrities, it seems without checking the accuracy his claims, latched on and ran with the ball including Channel 7’s Today Tonight, Cairns Post, Andrew Bolt, The Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail and peaking with Peta Credlin on Sky News and Senator Cory Bernardi from the Australian Conservatives weighing in.

It looks as if Senator Hanson, not wanting to be out done in the conservative voter market by Bernardi, posted on Facebook last week the video to her Facebook followers.

The only reference to “White Privilege” in the codes occurs in the glossary on page 16 explaining the term “Cultural Safety”.

Nowhere in the code does it require Nurses or Midwives to declare their white privilege before attending to or treating any patient.
[read Codes of Conduct here]

For a full and detailed Fact Check of the claims see ABC’s Media Watch EPISODE 8, “White privilege outrage”26 MARCH 2018 

Haycroft’s breakaway union the NPAA proudly displays its partisan alignment with One Nation showing off on it’s website a letter of support from Steve Dixon – former MP and One Nation QLD Leader before he lost his seat in this year’s state election.

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