The War on Men

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Do Men’s Rights Activists Really Hate Women?

By using the label “ANTI-FEMINISM” for their social media groups and pages it sure sounds like it – but if you dig deeper into the conversations most like me are fighting for equal societal support for and action on male specific issues.

Keep in mind Feminism is also an egalitarian ideal aiming for equality between the sexes. That’s equal rights, equal opportunity and equal respect.

I often use the term FEMINAZI to distinguish between those who have fought and won for equality and those others who demand equal outcomes through forced quotas irrespective of merit. Those who see every male as “the enemy” in a social war that has already been won.

Clementine Ford is Australia’s screamingly loudest example of a Feminazi – declaring it’s OK to kill men, masculinity is the root cause of all society’s problems, diminishing the trauma of male victims of domestic violence only because it happens more often to women, blaming men for women COLLECTIVELY earning less irrespective of the life and career choices of individuals.

A caricature that comes mind every time I see her hate speech published is Hiroo Onoda, the Japanese soldier who spent 29 years living in the jungle on Lubang Island in the Philippines, until 1974 because he did not believe that the Second World War had ended.

By shouting down and mockingly patronising (pun intended) MRA efforts like the recent #marchformen, Ms Ford is trying to retrospectively punish men by shouting them down as women were in the early days of the feminism movement, before she was even born.

As I said Clementine, the war has already been won.

It’s a fact there are still random isolated cases of discrimination as a hangover of that era. But now that statutory equality has been achieved on many fronts such as sex, race and religion it’s up to individuals to seize that equal opportunity and make the most of it.

Ask any surf-lifesaver – the most dangerous thing at the beach is not a shark, it’s a panicked swimmer. They will push you down to lift themselves up.

Are we really an equal and fair society if we bribe the formerly oppressed into appeasement by punishing the descendants of the oppressors by forcing equal statistics?

Should we punish the youth of Germany today for the sins of Hitler’s Nazi Regime? Should we punish South African High School age kids of white skin colour for apartheid policies of their parents and grandparents by denying them an education in favour of black students?


Neither should we lump freedom fighters of the past in with left wing extremists of the present.

Please, consider using the term #feminazi from now on to refer to these man-haters so we don’t disrespect the real heroines of equality, the real feminists of the past and the present.

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  1. I really like where the author is going with this, however, I do not think we should change the term used to refer to the misandrists like Ford, until the more egalitarian feminists do so and become the vocal majority, there are feminists out there now like, Camille Paglia, Christina Hoff Sommers and Warren Farrell that are attempting to bring feminism to its’ egalitarian goals, but are being shut down, often violently. Unfortunately the majority of noise coming out of the feminist voices is Feminazi and the majority wins.

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